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Chapter 38, Part 2: New Home, New Threats
palladian23 wrote in superwebnovel

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She fell silent as she and Rolf passed through the door, and remained quiet until they'd walked down the hall several paces. Lex hadn't missed how Rolf had listened to everything the captain had said, his brow furrowed, seeming to be waiting for an assignment. As she turned her head to look at him now, Lex took in his bowed head and drooping shoulders.

Lex smiled then as a sudden thought occurred to her. “You know,” she began in a soft tone, waiting until Rolf looked over at her, “since I really shouldn't be going out at night until all this is over, could you come over to visit? You could spend the night, if you like.”

Looking over at Rolf, Lex felt happy to see that he managed to crack a small grin in return. “Yes, I think I could manage that.” He turned to look at the floor again as an angry expression crossed his face, and then he sighed. “I just...I wish I could do more.”

Sighing, Lex responded, “I know how you feel! There's not a lot I can do to help myself in this situation. I have to give credit to whoever thought this out—they're attacking me where I'm weak. I'm not fast enough to dodge bullets, and not dense enough to ignore them. The attacker will be way out of range of any martial arts I could apply, and out of voice range.” She shook her head, then turned to glance at Rolf before she continued. “I'm going to have to rely on the rest of the team, since there's little I can do to help myself in this situation. But I think we can, you know.”

She watched as his eyes softened, his anger seeming to recede. “You're right,” he agreed, nodding, then gave her the ghost of a smile as they continued walking down the hall.

He arrived that evening during the somewhat organized pandemonium of dinner preparations. Lex and her guest peeked in on Casey and Lily working together, preparing a stir fry along with dumplings and both rice and noodles on the side. Between setting the table, finishing the cooking, putting the completed dishes on the table, and making sure everyone had been called to eat, Lex made sure to draw Rolf in from the moment he arrived. Lex found herself trying to catch her breath once she and Rolf sat at the table, and she grinned as she looked around her to see a number of others in the same state. Victor had joined them, since his working hours had been temporarily switched to days, and Lex smiled again to see him and Kate with their heads together, conversing as everyone ate, talked, and passed the food around.

“Is it always like this around mealtimes?” Rolf asked curiously, and Lex had to laugh.

“It does seem to be. I hope it's not too much,” she replied, unable to prevent her smile from growing.

He shook his head. “It seems cheerful. It reminds me of the family dinners of an old school friend of mine, Aaron Kinder. He had a large family and the meals he invited me to at their house seemed as full of life as this one.”

Later, as she and Rolf helped clean the dishes and the kitchen with Kate and Victor, they all had a long conversation about some of the differences between here and America and how they'd been settling in. Not until much later, once they'd settled in to bed, did the events of the day actually hit her. Lex had changed into one of her favorite t-shirts and lay snuggled into bed by the time Rolf finished getting ready and returned. She watched him take his shirt off and settle into the bed next to her just in his boxers. Smiling at him as he turned the bedside lamp off, she shifted at the same time he did, both moving until they felt comfortable.

Lex rested her cheek against Rolf's chest and smoothed her hand along his abs. She thought about the fact that she'd never dated men with much body hair before him. Rolf had hair over a lot of his body, which Lex had found different at first, until she'd had the opportunity to touch him and realized that it felt soft and silky, more like fur and less like hair. He even had wispy tufts on the top of each ear, which Lex had moved to stroke, admiring the short triangular point that she could barely see in the dim orange light that managed to make its way through the blinds. She smiled at how it seemed to be a memory of his other form that stayed with him even when he had become human.

He laughed as he shook his head then, as if trying to dislodge a fly. Lex wanted to laugh in return, but something stuck in her throat instead as she thought about the life she'd been able to build. I don't want to leave this came unbidden to her mind and she tried to shake the mood, but Rolf seemed to feel that something had happened and raised her chin so that she had to meet his eyes.

“I'm scared,” she found herself breathlessly admitting, and Lex wondered why she could tell him something that she'd been trying not to admit to herself. “I don't want to go.”

“You're not going anywhere,” Rolf said as his arms tightened around her shoulders. “You'll be fine. We'll find whoever is trying to do this and you'll be safe. It'll all be over in a couple of days and we'll all be able to forget about it.”

Lex tried to calm her breathing, finding that smoothing her hands down Rolf's chest seemed to help. That and hearing his steady heartbeat through the ear still resting on his chest somehow calmed her down enough to sleep, but she couldn't escape one dream, a murky version of the one she'd had the night before. It never seemed to end, though: just endless shots of a bullet traveling through the city.

The next two days felt awful to Lex, filled with interminable waiting bounded by the ominous walk back and forth to work. Previous to those days, it had seemed a pleasant walk to her through neighborhoods full of old trees, the buildings mixed with businesses and homes, but now it had taken on the air of a death march.

She found herself in that odd state of mind the morning of the third day following the conference at work. The sun shone in a blue sky with a few faraway clouds; the trees overhead had leaves of red, gold, and orange; and the crisp weather seemed a promise of good things to come. In contrast to that, Casey and Lou walked on either side of Lex without a word, and Lex found herself gazing around at the day as if to fix it in her memory.

This could be it, she found herself thinking, feeling she could hear her heartbeat in her ears. This could be it, her brain repeated, the way it had been since they'd left the house. Suddenly, the communicator in Casey's pocket crackled and Lex remembered why they'd all been silent. They kept walking, trying not to change stride but Lex thought she could feel all of them straining their ears to hear if anything came next.

“Miranda, Victor! Get up here, I've spotted him!” Meg's French-accented English seemed to break into the morning air like a stone into a quiet pond. Lex suddenly felt as if the entire world had slowed down, and she struggled to continue to place one foot in front of the other, trying to make her pace look normal, trying not to drop to the ground or break into a useless run.

She swore she could feel Casey and Lou's agitation on either side of her, walls of concern protecting her from the outside world, and she prayed that it would be enough. After what seemed an interminable time of putting one recalcitrant foot in front of the other, the intercom crackled again.

“Derek? What are you doing?” Victor's voice rang out, clear and sharp from Casey's pocket, and Lex could see out of the corner of her eye as Casey gave Lou a quizzical look over her head. She had other things to focus on at that moment, however, as something clinked along the sidewalk between their feet to land just beyond them. Lex stopped then, much to Casey's worry, and bent down to examine the object.

She recognized the shiny bullet, recognized the item that had been populating her dreams for days. Putting a hand in her pocket, she put on one of her gloves to pick the bullet up, then slipped the bullet into her empty other glove.

At that moment, something dark loomed into her field of vision and she stood back up to find herself surrounded by soft dark fur crowned with eyes of liquid gold. Lex turned to face the man who'd been tailing her protector. He seemed out of breath and gave her an annoyed look.

“Is that your dog?”

Lex met Rolf's eyes before she put her hand on his head. “Yes, he is. I think he must have been upset that I had to leave for work early today and followed me. I'm sorry if it caused you any trouble.”

The man's expression softened. “No, not really, I was just worried he'd get hit by a car. That's a beautiful dog, so I didn't want to see that happen.”

Lex smiled. “He's the most gorgeous one I've ever seen. Thank you for caring. I'll take him home now, though.”

She watched the man's retreating back for a second, and then looked up at Casey as she heard her friend's voice.

“It sounds like they got him,” she said, a big grin on her face as she reached for the communicator in her pocket to turn it down.

Lex leaned down again so that she could hug Rolf. “What possessed you to come out here?” she said in a low voice, in his ear. He responded by moving his muzzle to her hand and dropping a communicator into it. “Oh, so you heard.”

Straightening up again, Lex looked at each of them in turn and couldn't help breaking into a grin. “All right, let's get to work. I think it'll be an interesting day.”

About an hour later, Lex noted that a smaller group than before had assembled in the meeting room. Meg, Victor, and Miranda sat in a tight group, all of them looking pleased but somehow solemn. She had joined Rolf, Lou, and Casey, sitting in a cluster on the other side of the aisle from their other teammates. Rolf had refused to leave her side since the incident, to the point where he didn't seem to want to let her out of his sight for the few minutes he took to dress once they'd arrived at work. As she watched, Captain Shapiro sat at the front of the room with his laptop while Tamara and Kate had taken seats on opposite sides of the aisle, one row ahead of everyone else.

“All right,” the captain said, giving each group a glance to quiet them down. “Let's review what happened this morning. Meg, let's start with your team.”

“Certainly, captain,” she replied, her tone smooth and low, yet excited. “Miranda and Victor were inside the building, patrolling some areas that the police thought might be places the shooter might choose. I'd been in the air, trying to discreetly keep an eye on several buildings that had been identified as likely possibilities. Then, suddenly, I saw a man on the roof of the building that Mrs. Flavian had drawn. I tried to draw as close as I could without alarming him, and then I spotted his gun. I dropped below the level of the building and called Miranda and Victor as quickly as I could.”

“The two of us had been on a floor in that same building, one in the middle of reconstruction and that had several open windows, which the police thought would potentially be a good place for the shooter to be. When we got the call, we rushed to one of the open ones and got out and up to the roof as soon as we could,” Miranda explained, picking up the narrative. Lex grinned as she saw Miranda smile at Victor before she commented, “The wings that Victor made for me ended up working out really well.”

He smiled quietly back at her and added, “Once we all got there, I recognized the shooter.”

Lex looked back towards the front of the room as Captain Shapiro projected a photo, and everyone seemed to study it. “His name is Derek Anderson. This picture comes from the files that Riss shared with me the other day, so it's probably a couple years out of date. He's 19 years old, and from what the two of us have been able to find out, MSI sent him here as an assassin.”

Glancing around at her friends and teammates, Lex saw some angry expressions, and some nervous ones before the captain continued. “From the information Riss and I intercepted, it seems that they sent him here to kill Lex and Riss. Probably the reason we only picked up on Lex is he'd only figured out a plan to kill her, since it seems the people who sent him had more information on Lex's comings and goings, probably because she's on the day shift. Which tells me that we are all being watched, and that they may be sending someone else to finish his job, so we should continue being extra cautious.” He nodded at Victor to continue.

Nodding in response, Victor said, “I actually met Derek before, when I still worked for one of the teams in America that we told you about. Upon occasion, maybe because they had extra budget, they enrolled some of us in training classes. I met Derek in a course they sent me to for target shooting. They'd placed a good number of people in the class, but he did by far the best. I fell somewhere in the middle of the pack, but we ended up hanging out during breaks and whatnot because, well, I guess he seemed to like me for some reason, and I didn't have any problem hanging out with him, either. Once the class ended I didn't see him again, though, until now.”

As Lex watched, Victor looked over at Meg who raised an eyebrow and picked up with the story. “Once Victor and Miranda made it up to the roof, Victor talked to Derek and he turned around and spotted all of us. He had on a long coat and reached into his pockets and threw a few things into the air. Before we knew it, he had them orbiting around him so fast that you could barely see them, like an atom or something.”

“It seemed kind of weird, though,” Miranda added, looking curiously over at Victor. “After Derek really registered Victor, all of the bullets he'd thrown into the air sort of slowed down. He looked over at Victor and asked if it was really him, and then all of the bullets fell to the ground as he sort of stumbled forward and collapsed.”

Victor met Miranda's questioning glance squarely, and Lex recognized her friend's expression, the one that gave nothing away. “When that happened, we figured we'd better get him here as soon as we could, so we flew in and now Lily's looking at him, trying to determine what happened.”

Everyone paused for a moment to see if the team had any more to add, but when everything remained silent, Captain Shapiro turned to Lex and her team. “Casey, Lou, Lex. What happened on your end?”

The group of them went through the story up until Rolf arrived. At that point, Lex came forward to the table near the front of the room and emptied her gloves out. The bullet rolled on the flat surface until it ran into a small stack of papers and came to rest.

“There it is,” Lex said, somehow unable to keep her eyes away from the shiny piece of metal that someone had planned to end her life with. She thought it seemed pretty innocuous just sitting there on the desk, and after a few moments turned away, to look the captain in the eye. He nodded in return as she took her seat once more.

“Everyone, good job,” he said, looking all around the room, and Lex noted that he seemed to be trying to make eye contact with each of them. “We worked together on this flawlessly. Miranda, Victor, take the rest of the day off. You won't be going back to your normal shifts until tomorrow; just let me know if you need another day or two to reset your schedules after that. As for the rest of you, write up your reports and tie up any loose ends. I'd like a couple of volunteers to stay here for the rest of the business day, but everyone else should take the rest of the day off, as well.”

Tamara raised her hand. “I'll stay; I didn't have much of a hand in this except at the beginning.”

Lex watched Casey shake her head to negate that idea. “No, if you hadn't gotten the information you did, we wouldn't have been able to narrow down where to look. Anyway, Lou and I will stay, too. We didn't have to get off our schedule or anything like that.”

“Good,” Captain Shapiro said, nodding. “Along with Lily, that should be plenty here. Again, great job everyone.”

The group filed out and Lex noted that most headed straight to their desks to type up their reports. While writing hers, Lex swung from feeling cheery to freaked out, as if waiting for the other shoe to drop. She finished her report after only about a half-hour and printed it out, then looked over at Rolf, typing at a much slower rate than Lex's normal speed.

“Hey,” she said when she got to his desk. “I'm going to check up on Lily.”

He nodded in response. “Good. Would you like to get some lunch after we're done here?”

Lex smiled. “I'd love that. You know where I'll be, or I'll come to find you if I get finished first.”

Rolf nodded, then turned back to his work. Lex climbed the stairs to the small infirmary on the second floor and poked her head in, searching for Lily and her patient. She found Lily near the back, working on a young, blonde man, eyes closed and concentrating. As Lex neared the doctor and patient, Lily turned around to glance at her.

“I came up to see if you need anything,” Lex said, dipping her head to nod at her friend. “I didn't mean to interrupt.”

Lily sighed. “I needed a break, anyway. This is going to be a long job.”

“What happened?” Lex asked, knowing that question burned in a lot of people's minds.

“Well,” Lily said, frowning but continuing, “I'm not absolutely sure, since I'm waiting for some test results to be returned to me, but I think I know what MSI did.”

She looked Lex in the eye for a brief moment before going on, her gaze assessing. “They'd developed a drug that I heard about while they had me in the service of the company. They'd been trying to make something like it for years, and although they'd come up with something unpredictable and faulty, they still used it. They made it to be able to have some control over people like us.”

Lex found herself looking down at the man in the hospital bed, at his long, thin arms, at his mostly hairless chest and the way his body seemed like he'd only begun to look adult-like. She gazed back at Lily as the other woman began speaking again.

“Basically, it's addictive, but the main property is that it requires regular periodic boosters. It's designed to make the person taking it more malleable to the company, but it also works as a way for them to cover their tracks. What happens if the boosters aren't given within the appropriate timeframe is that the withdrawal of the drug from body systems causes them to deteriorate. The organs speed up and wear themselves out, and the upshot is that the person dies not too long after the process begins.”

Lex looked back at the young man in horror, noting that his skin seemed too pale and greyish, and his breathing weak and intermittent. When she looked back at Lily, however, she saw that her friend looked determined. “I know how it works, though, and I am not going to let him go,” Lily said. “If you could get someone to send up some lunch in a while, and then some dinner later, that would be great, because I'm probably going to be up here all night.”

Nodding, Lex replied, “Sure, no problem. I'll be leaving soon, but I'll talk to Casey and ask her to bring something up for you later.”

She put her hand on Lily's shoulder to let her friend know that her thoughts would be with both doctor and patient, and Lily answered with a smile before she got back to work on Derek. After wandering around the building to find Casey and relay Lily's request, Lex returned to the offices to find Rolf.

Smiling later at Rolf's choice, Lex felt happy when they had lunch at a restaurant that they'd gone to a number of times before. The two of them loved the place because of the delicious food, the intimate atmosphere, and the unobtrusive, efficient staff that allowed them to spend as much time as they liked over any meal. Once they'd eaten, Lex reached out for Rolf and they walked hand in hand through the fine fall day to his apartment.

He'd rented a two-bedroom place within walking distance of work, Lex had noted, but in a neighborhood on the opposite side of town in a block of older brick buildings. The apartment he'd chosen sat in the top corner of a five-story building. Spacious rooms greeted them as Lex and Rolf stepped through the door, with high ceilings and a minimum of furniture, all with clean, modern lines and no decoration other than a good design. She watched as he opened some of the windows in the living room before going to make tea for the two of them, and Lex leaned against the counter that communicated with the kitchen, watching out of the corner of her eye as the long, white curtains at the windows blew gently in the afternoon breeze.

Their conversation had been fitful all afternoon, jumping from what they'd done the previous weekend and their plans for the coming one all the way to Lex's description of her conversation with Lily in the infirmary. Lex finally felt the totality of the day hit her once she sat on the couch with her feet tucked up under her, mug of tea in hand, and glanced down to see the ripples on the surface of the tea that her shaking hand had caused.

“You know,” she heard at her elbow and turned to face Rolf, “I wasn't listening too closely to the communicator until I heard what Meg said, and then I ran out the front door before I even thought about it. And when I saw you crouched there, I thought that you had fallen, so I rushed over, to try to prop you up.” He fell silent for a moment, staring into his own tea. “I thought I lost you for a minute, Lex.”

She swallowed as she looked at his solemn expression and replied, “I know what you mean. I had that dream running through my head every day as I walked to work in the morning and back home in the afternoon. Every step I took I felt might have been my last. When I heard the voices on the radio I could barely walk, but then I heard a sound like someone had spilled some change on the ground, and when I looked, I found the bullet that had been starring in my dreams. When I bent to pick it up, I knew it was over the same way I'd known I was a dead woman moments before. And it was all of you who gave me my reprieve.”

Lex looked into Rolf's eyes then and felt herself blush at the intensity she saw there. “You know I'd be there, no matter what,” he murmured, and Lex put her tea on the table in front of them before she shifted slightly to move into Rolf's arms.

Breathless by the time they pulled apart, Lex tried not to show it. Rolf still had a serious look on his face, and his eyes drew hers in. “There's something else I wanted to ask,” he began, and Lex noted him speaking in a deliberate way, how he had when he wanted to confront someone about a difficult topic. “I wanted to know why you're afraid to show me your body, especially since you've obviously done so much work on it.”

Lex couldn't help blushing, and her voice didn't seem to work well at first. She knew they'd been dating for about six months, since the time their last tour had ended. The two of them had become inseparable, but she'd moved much slower with Rolf than she had with any other man. Not because she wasn't attracted to him, because she found she wanted him more than she had anyone she'd dated before, and not because she wondered about his health status, since it had been long enough that they’d both shared the outcomes of all the medical tests they’d both taken by then (all clean), but she worried that maybe he'd have the same opinion as Kurt had. So, it had only been a couple of months previous that she'd started sleeping in the same bed with him, and she’d felt too ashamed to undress in front of him unless the lights had been turned out.

“I, uh,” she began, her tongue feeling thick and stupid, but stopped as she felt Rolf's hand sliding up the long sleeve of her shirt.

“Does it have anything to do with these?” he asked as he uncovered the compound fracture scar on her right forearm. Lex bit her lip and shivered as Rolf began caressing the spot softly with his thumb. He looked her straight in the eye as he continued. “I understand that your average person might have a problem with scars, but I'm not average, and I'm not just a person. And the wolf part of me understands scars in a way most people don't.”

He paused to kiss the scar on her forearm. “We think of them as marks of strength,” Rolf said, still stroking the spot. “Every one of these shows something strong enough to mark you that happened, but none killed you; you prevailed against them. Wolves know that the only ones who don't have scars are the young and the dead. Each scar speaks to me of a trial you proved yourself against.”

Lex stared down at her lap, feeling too odd to meet Rolf's eye. Is he serious? When she chanced a look up, the careful way he met her eyes made all of the emotions that had been welling up in her seem to push to her throat, and Lex could feel her eyes start to sting and prickle.

“I can see that even though it looks like these marks healed long ago, they're still hurting you,” Rolf continued, lifting her chin so that their eyes would meet. “I want to show you how wolves deal with what pains them.”

With that, Rolf lifted her arm to his lips and kissed the scar there, then gave it a slow, careful lick. The gesture went straight to Lex's gut and she felt a shudder run through her whole body. Rolf's second lick found her shivering, and she could feel a shadow of the memory of the brutal way she'd received that scar fading away.

With trembling fingers, Lex undid the buttons of her shirt, then let it slide away off her shoulders. Rolf made a noise that sounded like a soft growl beside her, and she could feel him move closer towards her. As his tongue touched the first of the scars on her upper arm, Lex shivered again as the feeling overwhelmed her, followed by a tidal wave of emotions. She couldn't help the tears that sprung to her eyes as Rolf kept going, softly licking at one scar after another and kissing the unmarked skin in between.

As he moved slowly up her arm, Lex turned as he reached her shoulder, sinking into the couch as she closed her eyes and rested her face in a throw pillow. The tears still leaked from her eyes, but she found she couldn't pay them much attention. Unable to see Rolf's actions, her skin seemed to have taken on an entirely new sensitivity. Her whole body seemed to shudder as she felt Rolf's tongue move to the next lower scar on her back, and she found herself arching up to him as he carefully licked his way across her flesh.

A breeze blew in the nearby open window at that moment and Lex shivered again but from the chill this time. Rolf stopped immediately, pulling back to ask, “Are you cold?”

“A little,” Lex replied, shifting slightly so that she could look back at him, blinking against the light.

“I need to bring you someplace warmer, then,” he said, and a somehow solemn smile crossed his face as he easily picked her up. Somehow she didn't feel surprised, just smiled back at him as he went into the next room and deposited her in the middle of his bed. The white down comforter piled up around her, but the look in his eyes warmed her more. She held his eyes as she took off her bra and then slid her jeans, underwear, and socks off in one movement. The light that shone through the rest of the house seemed just as bright in the bedroom, and Lex took a moment so that he could see the front of her before she turned over again and glanced at him over her shoulder.

Lex felt as if she'd been ignited by the look Rolf met her with. “Thank you for trusting me,” he said, his voice deep and rough. “I always want you to feel comfortable around me.”

“I do,” she replied, smiling back at him, suddenly feeling so light she could swear she might float away. “Come on back over here.”

He came to her side in an instant, kissing her fiercely enough to make her gasp and moan. She could feel him shaking as their kiss broke, but he steadied himself by running his hand over her side. Lex closed her eyes again a moment later as she felt him licking across her back once more, right where he'd left off. This time, however, she had a different reaction, and she found herself gasping and trying to swallow a moan.

“Don't hold back when you're with me,” Rolf growled, briefly lifting his head. “I want to hear you.”

She couldn't help but squirm under him when he finally reached the lower limit of the scars on her back, somewhere near her waist. Lex turned over then, and when her eyes met his, she knew he could see how much she wanted him. His smile seemed both happy and savage at the same time, and the sight made her breath hitch. She began to reach out to touch him, but he stopped her with a raised hand.

“Just wait a bit,” he said, his smile still dark but somehow humorous. “I haven't really finished yet.”

Lex could hardly breathe at all now, panting as she watched him slide between her legs and take a long lick at one of the scars on her thigh. She couldn't help the noises she made then; just seeing the way he looked up at her as he moved his attentions up her legs made her feel crazy, and he kept teasing her with long licks and short, light caresses that made all her nerve endings light up. By the time he'd moved all the way up her thighs, Lex couldn't remain still anymore. He held her down as he licked at her, keeping her in place as she writhed under him.

She opened her eyes, which had been screwed shut, as she felt him pause, and her stomach turned over upon seeing the way he looked at her. His eyes looked so dark and promising that she couldn't help but let out another sound before she swallowed, trying to get her throat into shape enough to talk.

“Rolf, please,” Lex said, then fell silent as her mind reeled at how to finish that statement. She didn't have to think about it too long, though, since Rolf smiled savagely again as he heard her, and then moved as if he'd known exactly what she wanted even if she didn't.

Lex felt sure she'd never seen a sexier sight than the final, hot look he gave her before he bowed his head again, and the shock she felt run through her as his tongue finally, finally touched her clit seemed to make every muscle in her body contract. She didn't recognize the desperate moan torn out of her throat, but the growl Rolf made in response seemed to vibrate through her entire body. Her hands dug into the sheets as she tried to hang on, but she had been too near the edge already. It only took moments before Lex came, and it shook her to the core. White light seemed to blank everything else out and she could hear nothing, only able to feel Rolf's tongue stroking her, his hands holding her to the bed so that she didn't fly away into the sunny afternoon.

When she came back to herself some time later, Lex felt so light that she was glad he had slid up alongside her and held onto her, grounding her in reality. She couldn't stop smiling, even as she kissed Rolf. Watching the expression on his face change from a sly smile to surprise, Lex rolled the two of them so that she ended up on top.

“Now it's your turn,” she said, pulling his shirt up over his head and moving to take the rest of his clothes off.

His eyes caught the sunlight coming into the room then as he turned his head, and as Lex watched they shone like the finest gold she'd ever seen. Her breath caught in her throat as Rolf gave her a wolfish smile and moved to help her as he brought his face up to hers for another kiss. Once all of his clothes had been thrown over the side of the bed, Lex found that losing contact with him for even a moment seemed too long, her hands following the lines of muscle, the curve of his ribcage, the dip at his hipbone. She found herself admiring his body all over again—compact, muscular, indestructible, to her eye. Lex followed the path of her wandering hands with her mouth, slowly mapping all the territory she could see, until she finally reached his cock. He seemed strung tightly enough by then that she could see his length jump as she breathed across it, and she smiled before taking him into her mouth as far as she could.

She couldn't help but hum in satisfaction as she heard him gasp and growl, and she moaned in reply as he did a moment later. Lex couldn't help herself as she moved, trying to take him in deeper and deeper, swallowing around him, and she felt a surge towards the edge herself at his helpless moan when he came not long later.

The afternoon had worn on by the time Rolf finally stirred against Lex, breaking the silence that had fallen afterwards when they’d just clung to one another, enjoying the feel of being together and of skin-on-skin contact.

“Are you getting hungry? Because I think we should just order something in,” he said, rolling over in the bed to face her.

Lex could feel her smile widen in reply. “Great idea.”

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