July 18th, 2014


Chapter 27: Reunion

Author's Notes/Warnings: Anticipation, stories, implied murder, great escapes, bad language, living in poverty

For this first time in a very long time, I am publishing this chapter without the invaluable help of my editor in chief, gwoman, since she's very busy with a compressed summer class and lab. Please wish her well and please let me know if I've missed anything in my edit of the chapter.

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that I'm proud to be the latest member of the Pen and Cape Society, a group of awesome superhero-genre authors! Please check out the link to find out all of the great things they're working on. If you'd prefer to check out their work on your e-reader, you can get a free copy of a collection of short stories from some of my Society colleagues, The Good Fight, from Smashwords or Amazon.

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