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Chapter 33: Departure
palladian23 wrote in superwebnovel
Author's Notes/Warnings: No real warnings this time, enjoy!

Thanks to a lack of exams and better planning on my part, my fabulous editor-in-chief gwoman is back on the job! I hope the new year has been treating all of you well.

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The dressing room that they'd told Lex about turned out to be a multi-purpose room that had a temporary curtain strung halfway across it. All of the women got on one side as Kate drew the curtain. Somehow, the exercise of getting dressed for their performance ended up involving more hilarity than usual, even causing Riss to crack a smile. Once everyone seemed satisfied with how they looked, Lex gazed at the curtain.

“Lou, are you ready?” she asked.

She thought a chuckle sounded out on the other side before she heard Lou's deep, calming voice. “Yes, I've been ready a while,” he replied.

Kate flung the curtain back and then the group approached the long mirror on one side of the room. As they stood in front of it, Riss put her laptop on the table sitting in front of the mirror and turned the screen to face them.

“So, what do you think?” Kate asked. “Do we match the picture?”

Lex checked the photo of themselves on the screen against what she saw in the mirror and felt satisfied that the match was good enough. She wore one of her anime t-shirts which also bore the legend “I was born a monster,” along with her leather pants and motorcycle boots. Riss wore her usual skinny black jeans and a t-shirt with what looked like a stylized circuit board printed on it in silver. Lou wore a much-washed black concert t-shirt, blue jeans, and square-toed black boots while Kate wore her infamous leather top and low riding blue jeans. After everyone had double-checked the two sources and seemed satisfied, Riss packed the laptop into her backpack.

“Let's go backstage and wait,” Lex suggested. “It probably won't be too much longer before they'll want us to go on.”

The group walked down a tunnel that led behind the stage. Some over-enthusiastic worker had told Lex earlier that normally players used it to run onto the field. As she listened and waited, Lex thought the sounds from outside seemed both oddly amplified and somehow far away. The four of them leaned against the wall until they heard loud, crowd sounds that continued for some time. After a few minutes, the members of Jacob's Hammer appeared. Jack drew Kate off to the side while the others said goodbye to Rachel and Sarah.

“You guys sounded amazing tonight,” Lex said as she hugged Sarah. “Thanks a lot for coming out to do this show.”

“We're glad to be here,” Sarah said as she drew back. “We're really going to miss you guys.”

“Same here,” Lex replied, blinking hard.

Lex turned to watch as their three friends walked away down the hall, sighing at the weight that had settled on her chest. As she glanced back, she and her friends exchanged looks for a moment until Lex said, “So, are you all ready to be stars? We've got to give a hell of a performance to keep up with what everyone else did tonight.”

Looking around at the expressions on everyone's faces, Lex saw determination and smiles. “Yeah, let's give them a show they're never going to forget,” Kate said, nodding as a smile crossed her face.

Minutes later they walked onto the stage, the crowd noise nearly deafening to Lex. She looked down to see that the bare space in front of the stage had filled up halfway and that the people who'd made their way forward had pressed close to the stage, many of them screaming. Casting a glance at Kate, whom she saw smirking, Lex stepped to the front left corner of the stage while Kate stepped to the front right. They'd decided that since people had been situated on all sides, it felt fairest if they all took a corner and faced outwards. Lou settled his bass over his shoulder behind Lex and Riss opened her laptop behind Kate.

“Hello, everyone!” Lex shouted once she stood in front of the microphone. “Thank you all for coming out tonight! We're going to give you the show of your lives!”

The crowd got louder for a few moments, but they started to quiet as the band broke into a song, one of the songs from their first CD, Facing Home.

On the day the light faded from the sky
Leaving a red tear inside the clouds
It was then that I knew everything I'd lived was falling
It was then I headed out upon the road

The taste of ash was clear upon my tongue
And the rain that washed me was black with dirt
Leaving and traveling was my life now
Bounded only by the road and clouds

As Lex continued, she made a decision that tonight, for once, she was going to sing what she felt with everything she had. Always before she'd tried to hold back, afraid of how her voice might sway people. This time, however, she decided to do her very best and see how it went. By the time she'd finished singing the first song and opened her eyes as she played the last few notes, Lex felt shocked and somewhat afraid to realize that the entire stadium had fallen silent. As she glanced around, she could even see that the people in the trenchcoats seemed to be affected, standing near the corners of the staircases as if in a dream.

The silence that followed the song seemed deafening in comparison, making the abrupt applause and calling that started a few seconds later seem even louder. Lex looked over at Kate as she started the next song, and Kate returned her look with a raised eyebrow and a tiny smile. The crowd began to quiet again as the music began again, and Lex returned Kate's grin as she began playing.

They performed all the songs off both of their albums and a couple of new ones during the show. The crowd continued to get rowdier and the area at the front of the stage got packed to the point where Lex added a request during one of the songs that everyone treat all the other people in the stadium peacefully and to remember that they were surrounded by friends. After that, although the crowd remained enthusiastic, there seemed to be a friendlier tone in the fans' interactions.

After they finished playing the last song, Lex waited until some of the applause and calling died away, then said, “Thanks again to all of you for coming out tonight, and now we're going to give up the stage for what I think a number of you have been waiting for.”

Lex heard rhythm with a bit of synthesizer in the background as she turned back to look at Riss. Her friend had kicked off the beginning sequence for one of the most downloaded songs from their first album. As Riss and Lou stepped forwards, Lex continued, “I'm Jane, this is Rose, Clarissa, and Robert, and we're Alexander's Army!”

The four of them stood across the front of the stage and bowed low before they split the group and began to walk offstage. Lou followed Lex, and she asked him, “Are you ready for show time?” He chuckled and nodded.

As she walked down the stairs in front of the stage, Lex looked over at the long table directly in front of the stage where Eddie, Laura, Sarah, and Rachel sat. She mouthed “thank you” as she caught Laura's eye. The other woman shook her head and mouthed the same words back with a nod. Lex smiled as she veered to the left and took the final step off the stage, watching as Lou turned towards the right.

Casually turning her head showed her that there were five or six people in trenchcoats on the outside of the fenced in area in front of the stage. She saw one arguing with a security guard, and the others looked into the enclosure, glaring at the crowd in general. Turning back to the people in front of her, Lex could see a long line of women, most of them with short red hair matching her own shade to some degree, and wearing the same outfit she had on, down to the t-shirt.

“Ladies, you look fabulous!”she cried slightly above the crowd noise, to which the nearest of her look-alikes giggled nervously. Some enterprising fans asked her to sign their CDs, and she moved to the middle of the group as she did so. After some discussion and well wishing, Lex continued making her way down the line, making encouraging comments to the women and girls standing there. A casual glance to the side showed her that their pursuers looked panicked now, staring where she and Lou had gotten lost in the crowd of people that looked very much like them.

In the near distance, Lex noted that Eddie had gone up to the stage to explain the rules and heard him in the background as she engaged her look-alikes in conversation and made her way down the line with forced casualness.

“Please pay attention, everyone! We've got a number of you here, so we're going to try to make sure everyone gets their turn. As you know, the top prize going to the best performers will be Alexander's Army's gear. Since there can only be one winner for every member of the band, listen up to get the rules! You've got a number on the back of your ticket. Know what it is because everyone will be called by it...”

Lex lost track of Eddie's voice as he continued explaining the rules, but she did notice when he came back down from the stage and someone else began calling the first numbers. Then she looked up at the stage to see someone who resembled each of them standing at each of their places, trying to play their instruments as well as they could. Lex smiled as she watched for a few minutes, then as the people started cycling she began moving again, still talking to the other people in line but always making her way towards the exits.

A number of the people in trenchcoats had started to congregate towards the back of the open area where the contestants moved in and out of the exit gates. They appeared to be at a loss as to what to do, staring at each Lex, Lou, Riss, or Kate that walked by, examining them as if they could somehow determine the original.

Trying for a casual glance towards the back of the area, Lex smiled as she noticed Victor's absence from the sound booth area. Of course, she thought, that's another explanation as to why the music coming from the speakers sounds a bit off.

She paused near the back of the crowded area where the contestants waited, trying to gauge her chances of getting by the people in trenchcoats when she picked up on the conversation of a group of girls nearby, two of them dressed as her, one dressed as Kate, and one as Riss.

“I'm sorry, but I've got to get home,” one of them whined. “The only reason my parents let me come here at all was because I promised to get home before curfew, and we've got to leave now if I'm going to do that. Please, Linda, I swear I'll owe you for this forever!”

The girl who'd been talking was dressed as Lex and addressed a girl dressed as Kate. Linda sighed and gave the girl who'd been begging a hard look. “Well, all right, Suzy, but you'd better believe you owe me!”

As they started to head for the exit, Lex smiled to herself and moved to intercept them. “Do you guys mind if I walk out with you?” she asked, looking at all the girls in turn. “I need to meet back up with my friends, but those guys over there are really creeping me out!”

She gestured her head to the few people milling around in trenchcoats, and after the girls looked over at them, they glanced back with surprised eyes. “Who are they?” one of them asked, almost whispering.

Lex shrugged. “I'm not sure, but they keep giving everyone these weird looks. I bet they're some kind of weird perverts or something.”

Linda, who seemed to be in charge because she had the car keys, looked spooked at this. “Yeah, let's get out of here. They do look strange.”

The girls fell silent as they walked up the ramp, attracting little attention from the men in trenchcoats, but one of Lex's doubles turned to ask as they entered the stadium building again, “Do you have to leave early, too?”

“No,” Lex replied, shaking her head. “I already got to go on, but I'm the only one out of my friends who wanted to compete, so I figured I'd wait with all of them to hear who wins.”

“Oh,” the girl said, smiling. “I wish I'd been able to stay to compete.”

As they reached the inside of the stadium, Lex split off from her temporary group of friends. “Thanks, you guys,” she said. “I really appreciate it!”

A couple of them responded with waves as Lex waved them goodbye, then began walking around the inside, watching the numbered signs that noted your location in the stadium, passing numerous snack stands and stadium entrances. Finally, she ducked inside a ladies' rest room. As she'd hoped, it stood almost empty. She went into the first stall and waited until the woman who'd been washing her hands left the room.

Lex stood on the bowl then, reaching up behind an air duct that ran just over a supply closet next to her stall. She pulled a bag out of the dusty cubbyhole and dropped down into the stall again.

Several minutes later, Lex walked out of the stall with the bag and went over the sinks to wash her hands. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and adjusted her knit green beret so that it covered her hair as well as possible. Smiling at the reflection of her redheaded anime crush on her white t-shirt, she examined her blue canvas coat and blue jeans as she dried her hands, then took a pair of grey tinted glasses from her jacket pocket and put them on. Looking around to see that no one else had entered the room, Lex moved towards the exit, throwing away the towel she'd dried her hands on as well as the bag she held in the large trash can next to the exit.

She moved purposefully as she retraced her steps. Lex passed one man in the standard trench\coat, looking about with some confusion, and forced herself to look through her glasses at him and smile. He frowned back at her and kept moving, not giving her a second glance. Trying to ignore the bead of sweat now traveling down her spine, Lex made her slow way to one of the exits.

A number of people still remained in the parking lots, since it seemed about half the people who attended the show left after they'd stopped playing and the other half either stayed to compete or to watch their friends. Those who'd left early had mostly cleared out, so Lex didn't feel threatened by anything except a stray car or two as she walked out to a far corner of the lot. Approaching a baby blue van, she pulled the door open and shut it behind her as she stepped inside.

Casey turned in the driver's seat to smile at her, and Victor moved over on one of the bench seats to give her room to sit. Riss handed Lex some paperwork from the front passenger's seat.

“Your passport and visa papers,” she explained with a dark smile.

“Good work, Riss,” Lex said as she reached out for them and then searched for her small travel bag to pack them into.

As she looked around the van, she saw all of the bags she'd packed for their upcoming trip and nodded. “Does it look like everything's here?” she asked her friends.

Victor and Riss nodded and Casey added, “As far as we can tell. All of our stuff is here, so hopefully everyone else's is as well.”

About five minutes later the back door of the van opened and Lou got in. Lex could see Casey smile at him in the rear view mirror, and Riss passed his paperwork to the back. “Is all your stuff here?” Casey asked.

He glanced around before nodding in response, then flipped through the pages. Lex started worrying a minute later, however, as she realized that Kate had been expected before Lou. “Has anyone–” she started to ask, but got cut off by the van door opening then slamming shut. Kate crouched in the doorway, cursing, until Lex moved over to let her sit.

“Someone stole my goddamned clothes,” she growled. “I did manage to sweet talk this off of some guy, though,” she said, taking off a broken-in blue jean jacket.

Kate quickly looked over her things, and Lex noticed her friend sorting through bags until she laid a hand on the battered guitar case that held the guitar that once belonged to her fiancé. After that, Kate nodded and began rummaging through a bag of clothes, grabbing a couple of things. “I’m glad to have this back,” she said, thumping on the top of the guitar case. “Playing with something else today just felt wrong.”

Lex looked at Casey in the rear view mirror. “Let's get moving,” she said, to which Casey nodded and started the van up.

“Riss, is anyone after us right now?” Lex asked.

Her friend shook her head. “Of all the people they've sent out to look for us, it doesn't seem any of them have a clue where we are. We sent out the limo just before you got here, and they have someone tailing it to see where it's going. From everything I can see, they still haven't figured out what we're planning. Most seem to think we're still in the stadium somewhere. A number of people think that harassing the other band members is going to net them some information.”

Lex sighed. “I did mention that to Laura and she said that her father was not only on call, but he gave them the names of some of his friends in the area in case they get into trouble. Do you think it's likely?”

“Not really,” Riss replied. “I think they might follow them or talk to them, but I don't think it'll go much beyond that. They haven't done that sort of thing for quite a while, since they messed with a Senator's son and a couple of their employees ended up with two years each for assault.”

Raising her voice, Lex asked Casey, “How much longer to the airport, do you think?”

Casey smiled at her in the rear view mirror. “About fifteen minutes. Everyone, figure out what you want to have with you on the plane because the rest is going to get packed in the cargo section.”

Everyone fell silent for the rest of the ride, and Lex nervously linked and unlinked her fingers until Kate put a hand on hers then shook her head as Lex looked up at her. Finally they arrived, stopping in the loading zone in front of the terminal. Lou switched placed with Casey as she came around the side of the van and opened the sliding door.

“All right, everyone, wait here. Riss and I are going inside to find out where we need to check in and all that and then we'll call Lou and let you know where to go. MSI probably has people here as well, so we should avoid being seen together as much as possible.”

She waited until everyone nodded before closing the sliding door. About five minutes later, Lou's phone rang. He listened for a minute before responding in the affirmative and closing his phone again.

“OK,” he said, turning in the driver's seat, “someone's about to come out here and get the van so they can load the cargo. Bring just what you'll want for the flight and we'll go inside. Casey said to walk forwards and look to the left. She'll be inside, a couple hundred yards on the left.”

Everyone gathered the bags they wanted to carry on and started disembarking as a man in a jumpsuit came and knocked on Lou's window. They came around the side of the van and heard Lou giving instructions that all of the luggage in the van should be loaded. The man nodded, took they keys, and drove away along a restricted-access road that ran alongside the terminal.

Lex took a deep breath as she and Victor trailed Kate and Lou into the airport. They'd waited several minutes, hoping to avoid any observers noticing their connection with the earlier “couple.” Victor had even offered her a hand as they were entering the building, and Lex had to remind herself not to clutch it too tightly in her nervousness. The terminal building seemed large and open, and they spotted a man in a trenchcoat several feet from the front of the entrance doors. He studied them for a few moments, then turned away with a look of disinterest. The airport seemed quiet at this hour, but like any other large international airport, people still moved about, getting ready for flights or arriving in the city.

They walked along the spine of the terminal, passing closed shops and some still open, banks of pay phones and benches. After a while they started to pass security checkpoints on the left. As they passed the second one of those, they caught a glimpse of Casey in the doorway of what looked to be a small office and headed in that direction. A few minutes later they walked into the office to be confronted by a sleepy-looking officer who seemed to be grumpy about having been awakened.

“Are these the other two you've been waiting for?” he asked, directing his question to Casey, who nodded in response.

“All right,” the officer said a little sourly, “give me your passports, please.”

The whole process took less than five minutes, including the scan of their bags, and the officer settled back in his chair afterwards. “She knows where the plane is,” he said, gesturing his head at Casey. “Have a good flight.”

They followed Casey out onto the tarmac as Lou and Kate, who'd been waiting past the checkpoint office, joined them. Kate muttered to Lex, “That's it? Nothing like what I went through the last time I flew.”

“We found out that the security isn't the same for people flying private charters,” Lou replied in a low voice as he took Casey's hand. “So, we figured it was a pretty good loophole for us.”

“Is everything going as planned?” Lex asked, half fearing her friend's response.

Shrugging, Casey replied, “Well, Riss did say there'd been some developments, but nothing she couldn't handle. Probably the sooner we get going the better, though.”

As they continued the last few yards to their plane, Lex tried to survey the area. It seemed to be sectioned off by fences from the rest of the airport. Enough space for several small planes to be loaded up and take off remained, and an entrance to a large hangar. Lex figured that had been why they'd been allowed to go out to the plane on their own, given that the only way in or out seemed to be on a plane.

Casey approached the stairs of the plane first, saying something to a person at the door about this being the rest of the party. As they crossed to board the stairs, Lex spotted the light blue van just finishing being unloaded.

“Can the people who loaded the cargo return the van to the rental desk?” she heard Casey ask the person on the plane.

The man nodded. “They've received instructions to do that.” He turned to the four latecomers and said, “Welcome. Could I please see your passports?”

He took each one in turn and scanned them into a small computer. After a minute or two he handed back all the passports and allowed them on the plane. Lex glanced over at Riss, who had a computer open in her lap but sat with a look of concentration, her eyes closed. Lex found a place to sit among the good number of comfortable chairs and tables and loaded her bags into a nearby bin for takeoff, taking care to remain quiet so she wouldn't disturb Riss. As she watched, everyone else settled in around the cabin and stowed their luggage as well. Not long afterward, the man who'd checked them into the plane came back.

“We should be cleared for takeoff shortly, so I wanted to go over a few things with you,” he said as he stood near the front of the cabin. “My name is Rob Wallace and I'll be your co-pilot today. Your pilot is Linda Cartwright, and she's finishing the pre-flight safety check now.”

He continued, going over emergency procedures, and pointed out the restrooms and kitchen. Casey followed him back into the small kitchen where Lex could hear the two of them going over the simple appliances in there; Casey had mentioned to Lex that she'd had some prepared food brought along for the flight, so all they should have to do would be to reheat it. As the two of them came back into the main cabin, Rob stood in front of the room once more.

“If none of you have any questions, I'm going to rejoin Linda because we should be taking off soon. Please wait for the seatbelts sign to go off before you start to move around the cabin, and if there's anything you need, just press the intercom button here and let us know.”

Lex felt her stomach gurgle in a nervous way after he left. She glanced over at Riss, but her friend still had her eyes shut. She sighed and looked out the window, only then realizing they'd begun moving. With what seemed like infinitely too much care, the plane rolled out to one of the runways, and only minutes later they'd moved into position to start their take off.

Glancing around the room at all of her friends, Lex felt gratefulness swell in her chest that they'd made it so far together. Casey and Lou held hands, but Casey still managed to catch Lex's eye as it passed over them and return a smile. Kate and Victor seemed deep in conversation about something and Riss' eyes remained closed. Lex allowed herself a grin as she felt the small plane gather enough speed to launch itself into the sky. They climbed for a while into the wide, dark night and Lex noticed all her friends seemed to relax as they gathered back together when the seatbelt sign went off.

“So, what do you think?” Casey asked, gesturing to the plane around them.

“Hell, I've never flown in anything so nice,” Kate said, taking a quick look around at the kitchen and coming back. “Great idea.”

“Lou and Casey deserve the credit for arranging it all,” Lex said, smiling at the two of them.

Casey shrugged in Lou's direction. “He took care of everything with the plane,” she replied. “I spent most of my time taking care of everything for the show.”

Lex realized then that Riss had opened her eyes. She watched her friend blink at everyone for a moment, then gave a barely-there smile. “So, we're off to Europe, huh?”

Lex smiled back at her. “So it seems. How's it going?”

“Interesting things are happening,” she replied, her smile widening. “Just before you four checked in, the MSI team looking for us asked the police to put out an APB for the band members in Arizona, Nevada, and California.”

“On what grounds?” Casey asked in an angry voice.

“Persons of interest for arson, again. And again, the same contact information,” Riss said as she looked over at Casey, an eyebrow raised.

“So how did we get checked through?” Kate asked, studying Riss.

“I made the TSA officer's computer give him the answers we wanted,” she said in a low voice. The smile she gave afterwards made Lex giggle. “After we got checked in, I changed the computer records to show that six other random people who don't have travel warnings listed for them are on this flight.”

Riss paused, then continued a moment later. “It appears they split their efforts once they saw what was going on at the stadium. They intercepted the limo, which of course was empty, and now there are people waiting for us to board the decoy flights, too. They even have a couple people waiting for us at the ship. The two they sent to Sky Harbor seemed to be almost an afterthought. And as effective, I suppose.”

Lex watched her friends' smiles appear around the room as everyone took this in. “Is there anything else we need to do?” Lex asked, hoping she hadn't overlooked at this point.

No one offered any ideas and Riss shook her head as well. “No, but I'm going to monitor the radio traffic on the way over. I've got it rigged so at this point I can broadcast some static if someone comes on and starts to ask questions that might be awkward for us.”

“I assume we're going to need coffee then, if someone has to monitor it for the next fourteen hours,” Casey said, standing up. “Do you have it arranged so that someone can fill in for you when you want a break?”

Riss smiled back at her. “No, but I'll do that. Good idea.”

The conversation continued as Casey went back to the kitchen, and although Lex tried to listen, she got distracted by the sudden pain in her head. After one wave of it, she looked over to notice Kate watching her.

“What's wrong?” she asked, looking at Lex with concern.

“Oh, it just feels like I have a headache coming on,” Lex replied, wincing as another bolt of pain shot through her.

Kate jumped up and led her to the back of the plane and folded one of the chairs down so that Lex had a place to lie down. “No way am I letting you pass out and hit your head or something,” she said, frowning. “Do you have any medicine? No, lie down and tell me where it is. I'll get it.”

She brought Lex some pills and a glass of water and then a blanket, over which she loosely strapped the seatbelt. “Get some rest,” Kate told Lex as she dimmed the overhead lights. “Everything will be just fine.”

Lex closed her eyes, but wondered if she could rest with all the excitement. After some time, however, she realized how warm and comfortable she felt despite the pain behind her eyes.

She remembered hearing the small, constant engine sound first as she lay with her eyes closed for a moment, not exactly able to place her location. When she opened her eyes, Lex smiled as she looked around to see the plane cabin. Lou slept on the floor nearby, having rolled out a sleeping bag and pillow. Lex noticed that those awake had tried to keep the sleeper's corner in comparative darkness. As she unfastened the seatbelt and sat up, Lex smiled across the cabin at Kate and Victor, who sat playing cards. Kate elbowed Riss, engrossed with her laptop nearby. The other woman opened her eyes and sent a grin Lex's way.

After standing up to stretch and grabbing a mug of tea that Casey managed to produce from nowhere, Lex made her way over to the table where her friends sat.

“Hey, sleeping beauty,” Kate said in a teasing tone. “How are you feeling?”

“Well, my headache's gone,” Lex replied. “Now I just have to wake up again. How is everything going?”

Riss looked directly at her. “We've got about four hours before we get where we're going. Nothing much has happened, except one incident.”

Lex raised an eyebrow and Riss continued in a murmur. “Someone got on the radio asking whether the members of Alexander's Army were on this flight. It sounded routine, like someone got the idea to ask all of the planes that left around a certain time whether we were on board. I had to block the signal for a few minutes until they seemed to get tired of asking. It didn't happen again, so I'm hoping we're in the clear.”

Nodding, Lex spoke again. “Good idea to do this monitoring. We would have been in big trouble otherwise.”

Shrugging, Riss gave a small smile. “How about you spell me for a few minutes as a thank you?”

So, Lex listened over the headphones to the radio traffic for a while, focusing on picking up any mention of them. It seemed quiet at this time of the flight, however, so she ended up turning the headphones over to Riss a while later without having had to do anything.

“Nothing much?” Riss asked, and Lex shrugged as she nodded. “Good,” Riss continued, “hopefully there won't be anything more the rest of the time.”

To Lex's pleasure, her friend's words proved to be true and the six of them found themselves gathering their bags together and shuffling off the plane just a few hours later, blinking at the bright afternoon sunlight. Lex's smile stretched wide as she felt like they'd arrived in another world.

Ahead to Chapter 34
Comments about anything you liked or that you thought could be improved are extremely welcome!

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Elaborate getaway plan...

but how did they deal with the issue of Lou's height? Wouldn't he have still stood out head and shoulders over the fans dressed like him...unless maybe they were wearing platform shoes?

Re: Elaborate getaway plan...

The way I figured it, I'm sure they were able to get at least a few people near his height, so that once he hit the crowd and started mixing in, it would still be hard to figure out which was the 'right one.' Also, when you're that much taller than everyone around you most of the time, I figured that Lou probably learned to make an art of slouching so that he didn't stick out so badly.

Thank you for coming to read and comment!


Thank you for sharing your story. Also I like this hook is much better than the one at the end of you book :).

I'm so glad to be able to share it, thank you for coming to read. : ) Thanks for that, as well! I know what you mean...I really intended for the end of the first book to be a couple chapters further from what I've posted now, but I thought it would be too long for one book. So, I divided them up into more book-length pieces, but it broke the first book on what felt like too much of a cliffhanger. However,, it did allow me the opportunity to link into the serial from the book, so maybe it worked out for the best anyway.

At any rate, thanks again for reading, and also for commenting!

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